Why L’ Avian Plus

  • CLEAN – All L’Avian Plus products are virtually dust-free.
  • NO CHEMICAL PRESERVATIVES – In 1997, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) notified pet food manufacturers to reduce the levels of the preservative ethoxyquin in all pet foods. L’Avian Plus products contain NO added chemical preservatives. Where stabilizers are required, an all-natural product made from tocopherols (Vitamin E) and citric acid (from fruit) is used.
  • FORTIFIED – All L’Avian Plus products are completely fortified with vitamins, chelated minerals, probiotics, amino acids and electrolytes.
  • LOCKED FORMULAS – L’Avian Plus products are not formulated on the basis of how much ingredients cost. Each formula is locked; this ensures that pets receive the same nutritious product at every feeding.
  • PROBIOTICS (Direct-fed Microbials) – These organisms, such as lactobacillus, have been added to help prevent bacterial infections and promote better nutrient digestion.
  • BARRIER PACKAGING & JARS – L’Avian Plus products are packed in special barrier-type bags or in safety-sealed PETE plastic jars to help prevent insect infestations and to
    ensure freshness.