Guide To Reading Our Label

All L’Avian Plus products are properly registered and meet or exceed guidelines established by the American Association of Feed Control Officials (AAFCO).

  • PREPONDERANCE – All ingredients are listed in order of the preponderance (greatest to least amount) in the formula.
  • GUARANTEES – Required guarantees are listed correctly.
  • INGREDIENTS – All ingredients are correctly stated.
  • FORMAT – In order to comply with AAFCO guidelines labels
    must show:

    1. Product name and purpose
    2. Guaranteed analysis (see below)
    3. Ingredients
    4. Feeding recommendations
    5. Net weight
    6. Manufacturer’s (or Distributor’s) name and address

All nutrient and other information must be shown under the proper heading in order to comply with AAFCO guidelines.

Label Guarantees

Formulated feeds must show a certain guaranteed analysis.

Crude Protein: This shows the minimum amount of total protein that will be found in the product from all protein sources. Digestible protein is the percent of crude protein that can be digested and is not shown. Crude protein is shown as a percentage of the total.
Crude Fat: This shows the minimum amount of fat (lipids) that are found in the product. Fat is also shown as a percent of the total mixture.
Crude Fiber: This shows the minimum percent of total fiber (cellulose) in the product. Soluble or readily digestible fiber is normally not shown.
Moisture: This shows the maximum amount of water or moisture that can be in the product.
Ash: This shows the maximum amount of inert mineral content that can be in this product. All products contain a certain amount of ash.
Vitamins & Minerals: Where guarantees are shown, vitamins and minerals must be listed by true name as defined by AAFCO and must be guaranteed in units, milligrams or parts per  million.


Minimum vs. Maximum

  • Maximum guarantees indicate that by analysis no more than what is shown in the guarantee can be in the product.
  • Minimum guarantees indicate that at least this amount will be found in the product.

Read labels carefully. Make sure the product you buy is correctly labeled. 

Example: A product that says it contains Vitamin A where Vitamin A is not shown as an ingredient in the ingredient section is not properly labeled according to AAFCO.