L’Pro Breeder Program



Breeders can receive two free bags of L’Avian Plus when you purchase ten bags of the same product. Simply send in the UPC codes (bar codes) from your L’Avian Plus packages (15 lbs. or larger) as proof of purchase and we’ll send you two free L’Avian Plus. There’s no cost to sign up, no obligation and no dues or fees. Plus, all your information is confidential. Want to know more? Check out the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our L’Pro Breeder Program below.


What does it cost to join?

Nothing. There is no cost to qualified breeders.


I would prefer to turn my proof of purchase UPC codes in to my local supplier instead of mailing them to D & D Commodities Ltd. Is that okay?

Yes, but you must still complete the registration form and mail it to D & D Commodities Ltd.


What products are included?

All L’Avian Plus products in package sizes of 15 lbs. or larger.


Will the information on the registration card be used for other purposes?

No. The information included on the card will be used only by D & D Commodities Ltd. This information is strictly confidential and will not be sold, given or used in any other manner or shared with any other person or company.

Does this program expire?

Unless the L’Pro Program is terminated by D & D Commodities Ltd., there is no expiration date.


How do I receive free product?

When D & D Commodities Ltd. receives your 10 UPC codes (of the same product and size), you will receive a voucher by mail that is good for two free bags of the same product and size, which may be redeemed at a participating retailer.


Can I redeem vouchers at any retail location?

No, only at participating retail locations.


May I send in multiple proof-of-purchase seals for different products?

Yes, but you must have 10 each of the same product and size to receive the free product voucher.


  • L’Pro Professional Breeder Program applies only to L’Avian Plus products.
  • Professional breeders must complete this form and mail it to D & D Commodities Ltd. with proper proof-of-purchase.
  • UPC codes turned in to participating retailers will be honored, providing that the breeder name and address are included.
  • Retail dealers that sell pets do not qualify as a professional breeder unless the retailer maintains an off-site breeding facility. The off-site breeding facility must then be registered.
  • Any sales tax due on free products is the sole responsibility of the consumer.
  • Program is void where prohibited or taxed.
  • Any use of this program other than as intended constitutes fraud.

Participate in the L'Pro Breeder Program by completing the form below.

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By submitting this information, I agree to participate in the L’Pro Professional Breeder Program for L’Avian Plus products. I have read all information and agree to all Terms and Conditions as stated as well as other information included in this application form and information attached. I state that I am a professional breeder with a minimum of two breeding pairs of the primary species indicated and that my business is that of breeding said species either for profit or pleasure and that the location registered is not a retail store location. CONFIDENTIAL: All information submitted, as well as redemption information, is confidential. You may receive special offers, promotional information and other materials from D & D Commodities Ltd.