Trace Mineral Chelates

L’Avian Plus products contain various chelated (key-Lated) trace minerals. Chelation is the process of “bonding” the mineral element with an amino acid or with protein. Chelated minerals are organic mineral complexes which are more soluble than regular minerals and thus can be absorbed (used) more efficiently. They have a higher degree of biological availability.

Deficiencies in trace minerals have been shown to cause deficiencies in the immune response system thus making birds and small animals more susceptible to disease and infection. Chelated minerals help transport the mineral directly to the small intestine for absorption. Non-chelated minerals may be converted into insoluble mineral elements and become non-usable.

Regular trace minerals are routinely added to various foods and are naturally found in (part of) almost all seeds and other ingredients. However, these naturally occurring trace minerals are in the insoluble form and have varying degrees of biological availability. Usually 20% to 30% of the trace mineral content of diets can be replaced with chelated trace minerals thus improving trace mineral utilization.

Many studies and field trials have shown that chelated trace minerals improve growth rates, skin and coat, feathering and coloration, fertility, egg production, hatchability and generally help birds and animals maintain good health when fed as part of a balanced diet.

Caged Birds
Copper Amino Acid Complex
Manganese Animo Acid Complex
Iron Methionine
Zinc Animo Acid Complex

Small Animals
Zinc Proteinate
Copper Proteinate
Manganese Proteinate

Trace minerals are called “trace” because they are required in very small amounts. Some of the important trace minerals are:

MANGANESE: Necessary for proper bone development and normal fertility.
COPPER: Works in conjunction with iron in the formation of red blood cells and plays an important roll in the formation of enzymes.
IRON: Needed to prevent anemia. Works with copper and cobalt to improve coat, feathering and coloration. Also helps improve appetite.
ZINC: Part of several enzymes including those associated with blood levels of oxygen and works with iron to help prevent anemia.

Many natural ingredients are deficient in these trace minerals as a result of soil depletion and improper use of fertilizers. As you can see, trace minerals are part of a complex system and are interactive with other trace minerals and vitamins. A premium, fortified diet containing chelated trace minerals such as L’Avian Plus is always recommended.