Hamsters have a life span of about three years. Their sizes vary with the type of breed, the largest being up to 12 inches long and the smallest being only two to four inches. Hamsters can be housed in a cage, aquarium or hutch. They need enough room for a bathroom, sleeping area, eating area, play area and plenty of room to exercise. Hamsters are known to be good escape artists and will readily chew through wood, light plastic and soft metal. You can help the chewing problem by giving them hard pellets or treats. Hamster pellets include all of the vitamins and minerals necessary for their nutrition such as corn, oats and sunflower. Offer fruits and vegetables only once or twice a week.


Hamster Food

A premium, nutritionally fortified (with added supplement) and balanced food for hamsters, rats and mice.

Available Packages:

5 lb. Poly Bag

Hamster / Gerbil Food Jar

A premium and balanced food for hamsters, gerbils, rats and mice.

Available Packages:

2.75 lb. Jar