Guinea Pig


Guinea pigs vary in size but have an average weight of around two pounds. They can live anywhere from eight to ten years. Guinea pigs appreciate lots of room, so the bigger the cage the better. Guinea pigs require bedding that is natural and non-toxic, and they enjoy having a small "house" (a very small cardboard box will do) for refuge. Interestingly enough, they are vegetarians and need a variety of fruits, vegetables and grains. A good guinea pig pellet will contain all three of these ingredients. However, the occasional bell pepper or piece of lettuce is also required.


Guinea Pig Food

A premium, nutritionally fortified (with added supplement) and balanced pelleted diet for all guinea pigs.

Available Packages:

5 lb. Poly Bag

20 lb. Paper Bag

Guinea Pig Food Jar

A premium and balanced diet for all guinea pigs.

Available Packages:

4.5 lb. Jar