Water For Pets Information

Water can be a source of health problems for pets. Changes in water sources can also cause problems. Caged birds and small animals have very short digestive systems and can react quickly to changes in water sources or contaminated water.

  • HARD WATER: Contains high levels of calcium, magnesium, iron and other minerals. Can create nutrient imbalances.
  • SOFT WATER: Treated water tends to dissolve the linings of galvanized pipes as well as copper pipes. The residues may lead to toxicity from copper, iron, zinc and even arsenic.
  • NITRATES: High levels may prevent the blood from carrying oxygen.
  • FLUORINE: Can be toxic at high levels.
  • BACTERIAL CONTAMINATION: Utensils and water, dishes should be cleaned and disinfected frequently. Water or moisture left in dishes, cracks or cages can quickly become contaminated.
  • FILTERED WATER: Many filtration systems remove excess minerals and other impurities. Few, if any, of those systems remove chlorine and fluoride.
  • BOTTLED WATER: Bottled, purified or spring water cannot be assumed to be completely safe. There are few, if any, regulations for bottled water.
  • PETS ARE DIFFERENT: Even though you are drinking a certain source of water, does not mean this same water will not affect your pet. It is very easy and economical to have your water analyzed.