L’Avian Plus Frequent Buyer Club

LP-FreqBuyClubVio-BlankEarn Free Caged Bird And Small Animal Pet Food With The L’Avian Plus Frequent Buyer Club!

It’s easy to feed the pets you love when you’re a part of the L’Avian Plus Frequent Buyer Club. When you buy ten of the same L’Avian Plus products (same item, same size), you get one free!* It’s good for our entire line of premium pet food products, in any size. Just ask any participating retailer to start a L’Avian Plus Frequent Buyer Club Card for you. There is no charge for participating. The retailer keeps the Club Card and notes whenever you purchase qualified L’Avian Plus products. It’s that easy.

Ask about the L’Avian Plus Frequent Buyer Club today and start earning free L’Avian Plus products!

*Only good at participating retailers. Each of the ten L’Avian Plus products purchased must be the same item and same size, and must match the free product. This program may be discontinued at any time. 

Breeders: Check out our L’Pro Breeder Program