Cooking For Pets & Adding Vitamins/Minerals

When cooking for pets, care should be taken in several areas.

  • COOKING UTENSILS: Non-stick surfaces can produce toxic elements. Aluminum utensils give off aluminum salt which may be toxic. Use glass or ceramic utensils.
  • TEMPERATURE: Cooking at temperatures over 120°F usually destroys natural enzymes.
  • BACTERIA: Cooked food which is left out for an hour or more can develop harmful bacteria and mold that may be harmful. Cooking may or may not remove bacteria and salmonella. Remove uneaten cooked foods and raw fruits and vegetables after one hour.
  • FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES: These items can quickly develop bacteria and mold. Remove uneaten portions after one hour. Dried fruits and vegetables such as those used in L’Avian Plus are low in moisture and are much safer.

Adding Vitamins/Minerals

Feed a well-balanced, nutritionally fortified (with added supplement) product, and as a general rule, there is little need to add vitamins and minerals to the daily diet.

  • Dry vitamin/mineral supplements are preferred. Liquid vitamins lose potency quickly.
  • Add vitamins to food after cooking.
  • Adding “mega-doses” of vitamins and minerals may cause nutrient imbalances, which create deficiencies.