The chinchillas seen today are the descendants of 11 animals brought into California to be bred for their dense, beautiful fur. The importance of chinchillas in the fur trade led to intense harvesting. Today they are relatively endangered as a wild species; however, there are over 3,000 chinchilla ranches in the United States alone, raising them domestically. Found in the mountains of Bolivia, classified as rodents, they are about eight to 15 inches long and can weigh anywhere from 18 to 35 ounces. A chinchilla needs a cage large enough to stand on its hind legs without bumping it's head, and room to run around. Chinchillas, like hedgehogs, need soft, natural bedding. They feed on roots and tubers, and occasionally greens or dried fruit.


Chinchilla Food

A premium food for chinchillas.

Available Packages:

2.5 lb. Jar

3 lb. Chinchilla Dust